Bella Tobin

I am an assistant professor in the mathematics department at Agnes Scott College.

My research interests are arithmetic dynamics and number theory. I am particularly (but not exclusively) interested in the connections between arithmetic dynamics and arithmetic geometry and the role of dynamical Belyi maps in arithmetic dynamics.

In 2022-2023 I was a postdoctoral scholar at Oregon State University working with Clay Petsche. From Fall 2019-Spring 2022 I was a post-doctoral fellow at Oklahoma State University working with Paul Fili. I received my PhD from the University of Hawaii in 2019 under Michelle Manes.

I have been working at Thrive Scholars summer academy for 4 years as a mathematics professor and current department chair.

You can reach me at btobin at

I believe that mathematics should be accessible, inclusive, and fun. I also know that math is difficult. Even if you don’t know the answer today, that doesn’t mean you won’t know it tomorrow. Math can show up in unexpected places, and I want my students to have the confidence to tackle mathematical problems in the real world. I am always happy to chat about how these views influence my courses.

“It’s not a boring place to be, the mathematical world. It’s an extraordinary place; it’s worth spending time there.” -Marcus Du Sautoy

Recent Papers:

Jacqueline Anderson, Emerald Stacy, Bella Tobin. On a slice of the cubic 2-adic Mandelbrot set. Available on Arxiv: 2401.09394.

Angelica Babei, Lea Beneish, Manami Roy, Holly Swisher, Bella Tobin, Fang-Ting Tu. Generalized Ramanujan-Sato series arising from modular forms. Available on Arxiv: 2202.13253. To appear.

John Doyle, Paul Fili, Bella Tobin. Stochastic equidistribution and generalized adelic measures. Available on Arxiv: 2111.08905.